From 05 June to 02 September Līvu Akvaparks work without a holiday!

Holiday celebration

In everyday life or on public holidays we should indulge ourselves, so make your recreation more special for yourself, your loved ones or colleagues when celebrating holidays

The complex Līvu Akvaparks is a fantastic place to celebrate holidays! Entertainment and hilarity in our attractions, relaxing enjoyment in the SPA complex, but as yet another very significant element of a festal day is enjoying together food, beverages or a cake.

Warm, delicious lunches or supper snacks, we will prepare them in the premises of Līvu Akvaparks  bistro Zambezy. We offer the meal choices most popular among our guests.

Most popular dishes:

Prices are given VAT inclusive

  • Fruit plate (1.5 kg of different fruits) – 12 €
  • Vegetable plate (1.5 kg various fresh and pickled vegetables) – 12 €
  • Pizza with salami or ham (22 cm) – 4.10 €/pc.
  • French fries (150g) – 1.60 €/serve
  • Children’s sausages (3 pcs) – 2.25 €/serve
  • Home-style pork chop or chicken fillet (100g) – 3,00€/serve
  • ½ serve – 1.70 €/serve
  • Chicken skewers (200g) – 3.50 €/ serve.
  • Cake (honey, cheesecake or chocolate) – 21.30 €/kg
  • Pretzel (with dried fruit  or caramel) – 14.20 €/ kg
  • Cottage cheese bread roll / apple cake – 1.20€/ pc.

+7€ - table laying and booking

Apply 3 days in advance via e-mail:  or over the phone: 67755638, on business days at 08:00-17:00.

You can enjoy the most delicious cocktails and the best atmosphere in  VIP bar, in the Līvu Akvaparks SPA complex. The most pleasant talks in a small company would appear while seated in Jacuzzi and sipping delicious cocktails or at a table next to Jacuzzi, so we suggest booking a table or any of four Jacuzzis.

Table booking in the SPA complex (max.10 people) 7.00 €/table

Apply 3 days in advance via e-mail:  or over the phone: 67755638, on business days at 08:00-17:00.

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