On Mondays and Tuesdays, Līvu Akvaparks is closed!

Kamikadze (Open in the summer!)

The real challenge for the fearless - extreme - that is the second name for this ride.

Rapid start, unexpected turns and splash - you are in the pool.  We will start at the height of a seven-story house, but if you are shorter than 1.40m of heavier than 120kg - this ride is prohibited! Before the ride, ask the rescuer about a correct position and keep your head straight. Be bold, because the world belongs to the brave. Before proving your courage, make sure you are allowed to use this slide!

Rules of slide usage

Diving pool

Extreme experienceand and adrenaline rush - an exciting jump into an aquarium pool from the third floor down to the second.

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Green Slide

Here three is not too many - this slide is made for fun ride for a trio. Three - it’s for good luck!

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Yellow Slide

It is also called the wild river, which will carry your downstream at high speed until you land in a 1.15m deep river pool

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Unique Tornado

Whirl in a dizzying tornado in the only slide of this type in Europe and the third largest in the world!

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Black Slide

Can you imagine what it feels like to fly down this slide in complete darkness? If you’re afraid to try it alone, grab a friend with you!

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Red Slide

If the speed does not frighten you and you seek extreme experiences, this is the ride for you!

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Orange Slide

The height of adrenaline rush and emotions - be ready for another extreme adventure!

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