From 05 June to 02 September Līvu Akvaparks work without a holiday!

Bathe Jānis!

Bring along your Līga or Jānis to celebrate the Ligo holiday in a sparkling atmosphere – enjoy water entertainments and bath rituals!

     Ligo is the merriest holiday of a year, which is celebrated with songs, garlands made of oak leaves and meadow flowers, as well as with nice beer and caraway cheese. And so it goes on from year to year, but the time has come to slightly alter the traditions by spending the holiday in a tropic atmosphere. Find yourself in the Latvian south, when rushing down waterslides and enjoying water attractions all the way, not forgetting that an integral tradition of the holiday is going to baths! You can perceive all these when visiting Līvu Akvaparks on 24 June, where, apart from the already existing Turkish, vapour, dry and wet baths, a beach bath is now also available.

     On 24 June every visitor will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy skills of a bath-house attendant, who will invigorate your body on the beach, as well as to obtain useful experience of how to get the most of the baths in everyday life. Such an opportunity will be provided only on 24 June – during the Ligo holiday, from 13:00 – 20:00. We do hope that the Sun will be on our side!

Līgo! Līgo!

Bathe, Jānis, in the dance of pearly waters!

Yours Līvu Akvaparks

Līvu Akvaparks is your excellent recreation!