Kamikadze (only on summer season)

Are you an admirer of sharp feelings? The craziest and most extreme pipe in the aqua park appeals exactly to you - a 45 degree slope from the start with an open pipe, sharp bends and turbo brake action at the end of the amusement (you are going to experience an unprecedented load) that ends up with a fall into a 0.90m deep swimming pool. The start-off height is the height of a five-storey house (14m) and the length of the pipe only - 55.5m. Unbelievable? Come and try!
The slide is not allowed for persons who are shorter than 1.40m and heavier than 120kg.  Ask the lifeguard for instructions on proper usage of the pipe and hold your head firmly throughout the slide. Before showing your courage, be satisfied that you are appropriate for the pipe usage! 

The Family Slide (only on summer season)

The widest slide in the Livu Aqua Park where the whole family can sit down within 4 metres and all together set out on a great adventure.  Be careful - a 0.90m deep swimming pool will brake your descent. We recommend that children sit next to adults. Don't worry if the 6m length is too short and the slide is over soon, try everything once again!

The Water Loop (only on summer season)

The only completely open pipe type slide whose 45m in length allow you to see the sky all the time. A calm slide that is appropriate for those who are slightly frightened.  Be prepared to refresh your swimming skills since the slide ends up in a 1.30m deep swimming pool.

The Magic Three (only on summer season)

Take one friend by each arm and here goes! to the Magic Three. Choose the slide in your favourite colour and compete in your three who will first go down the 22m long slide. Before you rush downwards, make sure that you can swim because the slide ends up in a 1.3m deep swimming pool. Different speeds, different colours, to different tastes.


Tornado  is the only one in Europe and the third largest in the world attraction of this kind!
Here also Latvian cosmonauts are being prepared for first intercontinental flights!
Therefore, before sweeping down through this pipe and falling into this huge funnel at a frantic speed, be sure that this is what you want. YES!!!

Yellow pipe

Here the midday sun shines all the time.
Here unceasing cheerfulness and endless laugh will follow you throughout the entire trip. The 211,9 – meter long trip even for three people!

Selga dive

You can try extraordinary and mind-blowing jumps into a huge 3,5 – meter deep aquarium.

Wave swimming pool

If you go for the wave swimming pool, it seems that a calm sea is not to your taste. Blue sky and warm sea sand, sunny tropical beach.
here in every 25 minutes you will experience real wind with 1.5 meter high waves. It itches to take a surfboard and to catch a wave, but till the next tide you can relax on fine sand of Tortoise beach.

Green pipe

Third is a crowd? No!
The Pipe is as if designed for a funny trip of three.

Blue pipe

Are you ready? Then sit down and go! And better keep the eyes open because the drive 108 – meters long will be as a flashy flight into the blue sky, followed by flounce, but safe landing. You should surely try that!

Brown pipe Farm Frites

Let’s search for treasures!!!
35 – meter drive and you are in a fairy place – the Silver mine!

Red pipe

Reckless wield the world!
Demonic sprint.
Height – 22 meters, braking path – 25 meters, length – only 83 meters, but speed – up to 60 kilometers an hour!!!
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Orange pipe 

Pipe  is one of the longest and fastest pipes in Livu Aquapark. It starts on 6th floor next to red tube. Before ride check your time and know if you are the fastest rider in this day!

Lenght - 135m
Speed- 45km/h

Black pipe

Black holes can be met not only in cosmos...
In the Black Pipe not a thread of light comes into throughout the year, only lighting flashes and thunder crashes.
Afraid to start alone? Then start together with your friend!

On Mondays and Tuesdays park is closed!