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Terms and Conditions of Electronic Ticketing

Distance Contract

1.    General Information
1.1.    Ltd. “Akvaparks”, Reg. No. 40003508890, is the owner of “Līvu Akvaparks” at Viestura street 24 in Jurmala (hereinafter – the Water Park).
1.2.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall ensure electronic sale of tickets and gift cards (hereinafter – Tickets) to the visitors of the Water Park at home page www.akvaparks.lv .
1.3.    Internet users purchasing the tickets using the home page www.akvaparks.lv (hereinafter referred to as – the Buyers) shall comply with the following terms and conditions for ticket purchase and redemption.
1.4.    Ticket purchase at the home page www.akvaparks.lv shall be deemed as distance purchase contract should the Buyer be a consumer as interpreted by the Consumer Protection Law (natural person who has expressed intention to purchase, may purchase or use goods or services for purposes unrelated to own economic or professional activities).
1.5.    Ticket purchase on site at the Water Park’s box office shall not be deemed as a Distance Contract and shall not be subject to the Cabinet’s Regulations No. 255 “Distance Contract Regulations”, neither shall these terms and conditions be applicable thereto.
1.6.    By purchasing a ticket, the Buyer shall declare that he has familiarized with and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Distance Contract. This Distance Contract has been executed in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

2.    Obligations and Liabilities of Ltd. “Akvaparks” and the Buyer
2.1.    The Buyer shall be able to purchase a ticket by choosing a day of visit to the Water Park and the type of ticket.
2.2.    The Buyer shall be liable for truthfulness of the provided data.
2.3.    The Buyer shall make payment using a payment card (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, or MasterCard). Using a payment card or information about a payment card issued to another person shall be illegal.
2.4.    The Buyer himself is responsible to appear at the Water Park on the date/terms indicated in the ticket. With a day ticket, the Buyer himself is responsible to appear at the Water park on time in order to use the Water park’s services according to own wishes and compliant to the hours of operation of the Water Park stipulated at the home page www.akvaparks.lv .
2.5.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall be liable to ensure the process of ticketing as well as the storage and administration of the Buyer’s data in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
2.6.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” may cancel any purchase in the event of substantiated suspicions as to the possibly illegal nature of the transaction.
2.7.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall not verify the Buyer’s legibility to purchase discount tickets. The discount tickets shall be valid only together with an identity document. Tickets purchased with an inapplicable discount shall not be valid. Purchase of such tickets shall not ensure admission to the Water Park.
2.8.    Whenever confused while using the online ticketing home page www.akvaparks.lv , the Buyer may contact Ltd. “Akvaparks” by telephone at +371 67755636 (business hours 9:00-18:00) or by e-mail info@akvaparks.lv .
2.9.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall not verify the accuracy of the Buyer’s data and shall not be liable for any consequences should the Buyer enter inaccurate data including wrong e-mail address to receive the tickets, wrong ticket type or date of visit to the Water Park.
2.10.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall not be liable should the Buyer appear not to the Water Park on the date indicated in the ticket or arrive late in the event of a day ticket. In such a circumstance, the cost of tickets price shall not be refunded.
3.    Receipt of the Tickets
3.1.    Paid tickets shall be sent to the e-mail account specified by the Buyer within an hour after the purchase. The ticket shall be executed automatically after payment. The Buyer shall be liable for the ticket’s safety in his e-mail account and/or data storage devices or in printed form. The Water Park shall not be liable should the ticket sent to the Buyer become accessible to third parties whether in the Buyer’s e-mail account, on a data storage device, or in printed form and redeemed without the Buyer’s consent.
3.2.    Prior to arrival to the Water Park, the Buyer shall print the ticket and ensure that the ticket’s text and code are readable clearly and available for presentation before entry to the Water Park.
3.3.    Should the ticket be not successfully produced for the Buyer within an hour (not received in his e-mail), the Buyer shall be encouraged to contact Ltd. “Akvaparks” by calling telephone no. +371 67755636 or sending an e-mail to info@akvaparks.lv .

4.    Processing of Personal Data
4.1.     SIA "Akvaparks" observes the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as "Regula") while processing personal data, as well as other requirements of the normative acts in force in Latvia. The Buyer can read the Privacy Policy of SIA "Akvaparks" on the home page www.akvaparks.lv
4.2.    The Buyer shall use, indicate and submit only own personal data or data of such persons which have authorized him thereto. By submitting the information and data to Ltd. “Akvaparks”, the Buyer certifies that he is the owner of the submitted personal data (subject) or has legal grounds to provide such data.
4.3.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall use the submitted information (personal data) only in the Buyer’s interests, that is, to provide ticketing services. Any third parties shall access the information about the Buyer only in due order as stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Law.
4.4.    By entering personal data while purchasing the ticket, the Buyer agrees that Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall process the provided data in the manner and to the extent stipulated by these terms and conditions. 
4.5.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall not disclose the Buyer’s personal data to third parties except at the Buyer’s direct, unambiguous consent for disclosure of his personal data to third parties as well as to law enforcement as stipulated by laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
4.6.    According to the Regula, Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall process the personal data provided by the Buyer in order to ensure the ticketing services. Custodian: SIA Akvaparks, Viestura street 24 in Jurmala, LV-2010, contact details: info@akvaparks.lv.
4.7.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall arrange technical and organizational measures to ensure protection of the personal data provided by the Buyer to Ltd. “Akvaparks” from any illegal alteration, disclosure or destruction, identity theft, fraud and shall provide the level of personal data protection compliant with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
4.8.    The Buyer shall be entitled to receive the following information:
4.8.1.    which specific details about the Buyer were collected, source of the data whenever information contained therein was changed (inasmuch allowed by law);
4.8.2.    purpose of processing the collected data, information on recipients of the personal data;
4.8.3.    information whether the data were processed automatically.
4.9.    The Buyer shall submit any requests or suggestions as to processing of personal data in e-mail info@akvaparks.lv form with authorized electronic signature. Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall provide the Buyer with a legitimate answer within 30 (thirty) calendar days.
4.10.    The Buyer’s personal data shall be stored no longer than stipulated by law. The Buyer may request to delete the data at any moment.

5.    Right to Reject
5.1.    Pursuant to the clause 22.12 of the Cabinet’s Regulations No. 255 “Distance Contract Regulations”, the right to reject the goods or service stipulated by the Consumer Protection Law allowing to reject a paid service within 14 days shall not be applicable should the service be provided based on the distance contract. Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall not accept or change any returned ticket unless the Water Park is closed on the date indicated in the ticket.

6.    Miscellaneous
6.1.    The information about the purchases of the Buyer shall be stored until the ticket expires.
6.2.    Should the Water Park be closed on the date indicated in the ticket, Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall refund the cost of the tickets purchased online to the bank account provided by the Buyer within 10 (ten) business days. Applications for ticket refunds shall be supplied with the unused ticket. The ticket shall not be valid for admission to the Water Park if returned to Ltd. “Akvaparks”.
6.3.    Ltd. “Akvaparks” shall refund the face price of the ticket only. Any other additional costs such as transport expenses shall not be reimbursed.
6.4.    Purchased tickets shall not be used for commercial purpose including advertising or marketing campaigns without written consent of Ltd. “Akvaparks”.
6.5.    Tickets shall not be copied or resold.
6.6.    Ticket purchase for recreation at the Water Park shall indicate that the Buyer has familiarized with the Water 


Park’s Visitor Regulations and shall undertake to comply therewith. The Water Park’s Visitor Regulations shall be available at the Water Park and on the home page:  https://www.akvaparks.lv/en/about_us/rules_for_visitors/