Līvu Akvaparks is closed to visitors until the end of the emergency situation due COVID-19

How to get to/from the Aquapark

„How to get to the Līvu Akvaparks from capital of Latvia, Riga city”.

1 st option: by car – follow the motorway A10 (from Riga to the side of Jurmala), cross the bridge through the river Lielupe, turn to the right after the bridge, get to the 3rd crossroad, and turn to the right again (exact direction look on the map).

2 nd option: by minibus – take in minibus №7023 or №7020 (direction is “Sloka” or “Jaunkemeri”) opposite the railway station in Riga (Satekles street).  These buses run on average every 10 minutes. Get to the station "Lielupe".

3 rd option: by train - from the Riga Central Railway station regularly trains are sent to Jurmala. Take a ticket to “Bulduri” station. Cross the railways and you could get to our aquapark in 7 minutes by “Muizas” street.

Address: 24 Viestura str., Jurmala, district of Riga, LV-2010.


Telephone: (371) 67755636;

E-mail: info@akvaparks.lv, booking@akvaparks.lv

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