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Aqua shop – everything for swimming and for its safety! The latest fashion trends, professional and safe accessories and a wide choice of souvenirs in Jūrmala!

Swimming is one of the most unique ways of recreation, it tones up and strengthens the whole body. Water joys exhibit also a mild, relaxing effect, and almost everyone can manage it. For swimming it is recommended to choose appropriate clothes, this is a swimwear, swim shorts and swim trunks and accessories  - nice beach sandals, stylish bags and goggles.

     To make swimming safe and pleasant for yourself and for your children we offer a wide choice of swimming rings, swimming safety vests, swim goggles, swim caps, towels and other things. Little swimmers must be provided with swim diapers, which can be bought in our shop.

    As a token you can buy a souvenir, which will remind you of the adventures in Līvu Akvaparks and surprise somebody on a holiday or in everyday life with an aqua park visit gift card!

Shop cafe

The place, where you can meet, sit for a while and enjoy coffee with some ice cream or a snack at the  Līvu Akvaparks  Aquashop, in the lobby on the ground floor

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