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On Mondays and Tuesdays Līvu Akvaparks is closed!

Bistro Zambezy

A well-fed person is always full of energy for a good rest. Bistro Zambezy is an ideal place to have a snacks while relaxing in water

Try a delicious snacks in the Līvu Akvaparks  Bistro Zambezy on the 3 rd floor above the Wave pool. Every day bistro has on menu an assortment of various hot dishes,  meat and vegetarian meals, as well as healthy vegetable salads, ice cream and a wide variety of soft drinks. 

Bistro Zambezy is available only to visitors of the aquapark.

Payments for goods bought in the bistro are made with the electronic entrance bracelet.

For persons from 15 y/o a virtual credit worth of 65.00 € is automatically embedded into the bracelet, which spent amount is paid at the exit pay-office. 

For children up to 14 y/o the virtual credit is not available, parents can replenish such credit at the entrance, exit pay-office or in the checkroom at the info cashier.  

* Bistro Zambezy is open only when Līvu Akvaparks is open.


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