From 23th December aquapark will work without days off

Birthday Party

Hilarity, exciting water rides, delicious snacks and cocktails– this is Your birthday with us

It is simple to arrange:  choose the date and time, snacks, drinks, invite your friends and buy tickets.

During celebration the congratulations from a large toy of  Līvu Akvaparks and a surprise gift.

Apply 3 days in advance via e-mail:  or over the phone: 67755638, on business days at 08:00-17:00.


Festive meals will be served on the 3 rd floor of Līvu Akvaparks above the wave pool.

Most popular dishes:

Prices are given VAT inclusive

  • Fruit plate (1.5 kg of different fruits) – 12 €
  • Vegetable plate (1.5 kg various fresh and pickled vegetables) – 12 €
  • Pizza with salami or ham (22 cm) – 4.10 €/pc.
  • French fries (150g) – 1.70 €/serve
  • Children’s sausages (3 pcs) – 2.60 €/serve
  • Home-style pork chop or chicken fillet (100g) – 3.50€/serve
  • Chicken skewers (200g) – 3.80 €/ serve.
  • Cake (honey, cheesecake or chocolate) – 21.30 €/kg
  • Pretzel (with dried fruit  or caramel) – 14.20 €/ kg
  • Ice cream cocktail (any of those available in Līvu Akvaparks bar) – 4.75 €

                    +7€ - table laying

Cost of special congratulation:

20.00 € (VAT incl.) Special congratulation from a large toy of Līvu Akvaparks  Lion Cub  (~10 min.) – presenting a cake or a pretzel, greeting song, taking photos, presenting a gift from Līvu Akvaparks (a souvenir from the aqua park). 

   Ticket costs:


Stylish News

Ask the photographer to capture a bright moment! New 3D photo stand in the style of the tropics by the pool with waves.

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