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Electric swimming kickboard for children LESWIM

Incredible swimming experience for children playing in water


LESWIM can give you a new sense of swimming, which is also the best swimming partner for your children.

Would like to rest? LESWIM can keep child on the water.

Would like to play? Just create a jet streams with LESWIM.

LESWIM makes a child's dream of swimming. 

This electric swimming kickboard allows you to keep balance on the surface of the water, and move in the water safely and fun.

LESWIM is suitable for swimmers of different levels, especially for beginners, which will help to overcome a fear of water and gain more confidence.

LESWIM can be a great activity for all the family to enjoy!

One of the most attractive features of LESWIM is its powerful engine and stable buoyancy, which enables your child to enjoy the fun of swimming in the water.

The details of LESWIM are also very user-friendly. Many details reflect designers and manufacturers care about the safety of children. 

LESWIM give new feelings of swimming and joy. Līvu Akvaparks the only place in Latvia trying LESWIM.

See the instructions for use HERE

Have fun in Līvu Akvaparks!

Only until September 30, 2020

The validity period of all types Līvu Akvaparks gift cards, the expiration date of which coincided after March 15, 2020, will be ended on September 30, 2020.

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