on Mondays and Tuesdays aquapark is closed!

Recommendations of visiting the aquapark during the Covid-19 restrictions period

Visiting the aquapark additional conditions to the Visitor Rules must be observed

  • This instruction is an appendix of the Rules of Aquapark visitors and its integral part. If this instruction contradicts the Rule of Aquapark visitors, this instruction takes precedence;
  • Visit Līvu Akvaparks only if you are helthy and feeling good;  
  • If you have symptoms of a disease (cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, fever, etc.), you are not allowed to visit the water park;
  • Aquapark has the right to ask a visitor who has symptoms of illness or who does not follow these instructions to leave Aquapark without a refund for the admission ticket. Expulsion from Aquapark does not relieve the visitor of the obligation to pay for purchases, if where made before;
  • If there are a lot of people in the locker room or shower, wait and after a while return to the locker room or shower;
  • Sitting on the shelves in the sauna, use a towel and keep a distance of 2m;
  • Wash and disinfect your hands after touching frequently used surfaces (such as door handles), use only disinfectants provided by Aquapark. Please inform staff if you notice that the disinfectant has run out;
  • If other visitors violate the precautionary measures, be responsible and inform Aquapark staff;
  • To limit the spread of the virus, during the distribution of COVID-19, forgotten items of visitors are not stored and disposed at the end of the day.
  • If you are over 65 years old or suffer from chronic diseases, or suffer from immunodeficiency, take special precautions or avoid visiting Aquapark with a large number of visitors;
  • Be sure, choosing a locker, that there are no other visitors nearby; keep 2m distance;
  • Act purposefully and quickly in the locker room and showers (it is recommended not to be in the locker room for more than 10 minutes and in showers for more than 5 minutes), keep 2m distance;
  • Using the services, follow the informative instructions and announcements (for example, the maximum number of people in the sauna and jacuzzi, the recommended time period, etc.);
Persons in self-isolation, in home quarantine or isolation, or with signs of respiratory illness are not allowed to visit Aquapark!

We are serious about your health and safety, but we ask to be responsible for yourself and others health. For non-observance of the distance, the visitor is responsible in accordance with the established regulatory acts.  Additional information about Rules of Aquapar visitor HERE

Be responsible!

Aquapark administration

Have a safe rest!

Swimming pool water kills viruses in a few seconds. Enjoying the water pleasure in Līvu Akvaparks, face masks do not have to be worn

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