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Chlorinated water in the pool is safe

Properly cleaned pool water with 1.0 mg/l of free chlorine and a pH below 7,5 kills viruses in a few seconds

In Latvia, as well as throughout Europe, hygiene requirements in public pools, water amusement parks are strictly regulated and their compliance is strictly controlled.

The Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia Nr.37 “Hygiene Requirements for Public Pools” determine the maximum permissible rates for indicators of water quality in the pool – the water must be clean, transparent, PH- with using disinfectants based on chlorine 7,2-7,8, free chlorine – 1,00 mg/l. To ensure the cleanliness and order of the rooms, where is the pool, it should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, but it least once a day.

The Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia Nr.360 “Epidemiological Safety Measures to Limit the spread of Covid-19” provide requirements to maintain the concentration of chlorine-containing disinfectant in the pool water of a certain range.

The multifunctional amusement park “Līvu Akvaparks” strictly complies with regulatory requirements. The modern dosing system in automatic mode provides monitoring of pH and free chlorine in water. In addition, these indicators are checked in the mobile laboratory three times a day. The results are recorded in a journal, which one  periodically reviewed by the Health Inspectorate.

Disinfection of water and its quality is supported on-line. The Scientific and Biological Laboratory “Bior” once a month takes a water sample directly from the pools to check the water-chemical and biological indicators for compliance with regulatory requirements.

According to experts, properly cleaned pool water with 1.0 mg / L of free chlorine and a pH below 7.5 kills viruses in a few seconds. Thus, if the surface is covered with chlorinated water of pool, this surface does not require additional sanitization. If the attraction is in the water or is constantly sprayed with clean water from the pool, it does not need to be processed.

The water of the water park never “sleeps”, even at night when there is nobody. Water is circulating, and modern German equipment continues to disinfect and maintain the quality of drinking water to provide an excellent and safe rest for respected visitors in the morning.

Līvu Akvaparks –– have a good rest!


For the purposes of the energy resource audit, outdoor swimming in the SPA complex is temporarily close

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SIA Akvaparks administration

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