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Līvu Akvaparks
for families

Flexible pricing policy allows families whit childrens to create the most suitable ticket combination

Līvu Akvaparks  is a popular place for visiting different families.

Therefore, we have daveloped a flexible system that allows for large families with diffrent kids ages to create the most suitable combination of visitors to visit Līvu Akvaparks . Because it will be always beneficial for the family budget.

How do create the most advantageous combination of family ticket?

It’s easy! The standart family ticket based on the traditional Latvian family of 2 adults (18 years old +) and 1 child (6-14 years old). This is already 5.5-8 Euro cheaper for individual tickets.

If there  are several children in the family between the ages of 6 and 14, to the basic ticket are added the special child ticket (extra max.3persons), which is for 6-10.5 Euro cheaper then the basic ticket.

For children under 5 year old, the ticket is even half the price.

Thus, you can create the most suitable combination of ticket for the large family.

Of course, you should always remember about safety on the water, which is closely related to the ability of parents to control their children.

Ticket categories and prices are available on the website of SIA “Akvaparks” www.akvaparks.lv and in the lobby of the aquapark near the ticket office.

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