3 , 5, 7 August - "Certified" days! The whole complex is open!

Hidden possibilities of enjoyment

The large pool on the summer beach is a treasure trove of water pleasures

This pool and the variety of underwater hydromassage, which is rightly considered the elixir of youth, beauty and health.

Not all massage therapists can get to the deep layers of tissues and muscles, but the pressure of water can do it. 

Here you can try a Sharko shower under water and a Scottish shower - a powerful swim jet, like jets at different levels, almost as a Vichy shower. 

Especially pleasant is the air pearl hydromassage of iridescent air bubbles. 

It is in the pool on a massage bed and in a horseshoe. And whatever you choose, use 15 minutes for this and you will enjoy life.  

Look at the plan and take action.

Good rest is good!

Your Līvu Akvaparks 

Certified days!

The entire complex of the water park is open and you need to show the EU digital COVID certificate

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