Till 06 October Līvu Akvaparks is closed for annual maintenance!

Līvu Akvaparks is closed

The annual maintenance is planned until October 6

For the opening date please follow the information

The annual planned maintenance of Līvu Akvaparks will take place in accordance with the regulations of the MK No. 470 "Hygienic requirements for pool and sauna services".

During the annual maintenance:

  • in order to perform maintenance on the entire water supply and preparation system, all pool water, which corresponds to drinking water quality and totals 2000 m3 will be drained,
  • replaced and repaired pumps and other equipment,
  • tested containment structures,
  • maintenance, polishing and planned repair of more than 1000 m of slides,
  • cosmetic repairs and other improvements.

In order to start the autumn-spring season with new pep, many other necessary larger and smaller tasks will not be left without attention.

Pay attention to the fact that starting from October 6 of this year, the working hours of Līvu Akvaparks will change:
*the opening date may change, so please follow the current information on our website www.akvaparks.lv

Monday to Tuesday               CLOSED
Wednesday to Friday             12:00-21:00
Saturday                                 11:00-21:00
Sunday                                    11:00-20:00

Līvu Akvaparks – enjoy the season!