Līvu Akvaparksis open every day!! Opening of the summer beach on June 10!

For summer camp counselors

Apply your camp until June 30th for the whole summer and get an awesome vacation at a better price

Fill up the camp event plan with an exciting, fun and memorable time at Līvu Akvaparks!

Register your camp for a visit at Līvu Akvaparks until June 30th of this year for the whole summer and have a great time for the best price!

The offer is valid for working days of the week, in the period from June 6th to August 31th.

 4-hour ticket price:
- for children – 20.00Eur/pers.
- for every 10 children for two adults - 9.50Eur/pers.

Pay attention!
- Offer is valid only for camp applications until June 30th;
- E-mail address for applications: baiba@akvaparks.lv;
- Min. number of participants - 15 people (camp children aged 6 to 18)
Līvu Akvaparks can also provide a meal!

customer service manager Baiba Vasiļjeva,
tel.:+371 67147240 (from 09:00-15:00),
e-mail: baiba@akvaparks.lv

In the year 2023 on June 10th, Līvu Akvaparks starts the summer season, which means that the outdoor beach with all attractions will be open, working hours will be longer and the complex will work without holidays.

Līvu Akvaparks – enjoy the season!