On Mondays and Tuesdays, Līvu Akvaparks is closed!

Rent the whole park

Non-traditional place which will provide unique and vivid emotions to all visitors.

If you are planning a corporate or student event or an event open to public - Līvu Akvaparks ir the perfect place to do it. The event will be a memorable simply because it takes place in the largest water park in Northern Europe, instead of the usual locations like a restaurant, outdoors or in a hall/arena.

Līvu Akvaparks offers a range of entertainments, which will suit to any potential visitors. The adrenaline lovers will enjoy the various slides, while the ones looking for some quiet relaxation can enjoy the SPA area.

During the summer, when the water park becomes almost twice as big, as the outdoor beach is open, the range of options becomes even larger.

Renting out the whole Līvu Akvaparks, you will have access to:

•  20 slides;

•  14 pools;

•  SPA

•  children's attractions – the Captain Kid’s ship and Fountain island;

•  spacious lobby area;

•  parking lot.

If you need a space for an outdoor event and are looking for a spacious and easily accessible location, we can offer Līvu Akvaparks parking lot with the total area of ~4 000m2. The location is perfect for sports, vehicle parades or other events.

There are different opportunities for organizing an event in Līvu Akvaparks:

•  open event - no visitor limitation, the park is open for all visitors;

•   closed events - the park is open to visitors, who have invitation or have purchased tickets to the specific event. The park is closed for other visitors.


This outside the box and create events that will be remembered.



Banquet Hall Ma’Puto

In Līvu Akvaparks there is a possibility not just to enjoy water recreation, but also to celebrate a corporate party or various family and friends fetes. Ma’Puto banquet hall will fantastically suit Your fete!

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Seminar / conference hall

The capacity of the seminar hall is up to 30 people (at the table), up to 45 people (with the arrangement of chairs in a theatrical form)

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