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Līvu Akvaparksis open every day!! Opening of the summer beach on June 10!

Blue Slide

On your own it is just as fun, so sit and ride 

Are you ready? Then sit down and go! And better keep the eyes open because the drive 108 – meters long will be as a flashy flight into the blue sky, followed by flounce, but safe landing. You should surely try that!

  • Rules of slide usage
  • Akvaparks Ltd administration may change the attraction accessibility at any time without previous notice. The admission price discounts in such cases are not applicable.

Works according to the schedule:

Thursday – Friday             Closed
Saturday                             12:00 – 20:00
Sunday                               12:00 – 19:00

Līvu Akvaparks - enjoy the season!




The Magic Three

Open in summer!

Different colours, speeds and tastes, take friend and let’s go! Who will be the first? 

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