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Let's go in the summer! Summer beach is open!

Unique Tornado

A dizzying whirlwind on the only slide of its kind in Europe, and the largest third slide in the world

Try, what it means to spin around at a breathtaking speed with water splashing around and - at the end of the ride - fall at an insane speed with your boat in an enormous funnel. Enjoy a whole range of emotions with your friend for 51.8m.


  • It is only permitted to enter the slide with a blue boat for one or two persons, whose total weight does not exceed 160kg. The slide can only be used, if your height exceeds 1,20m.
  • Before using this slide, read the terms of use HERE!  Rules of slide usage
  • Akvaparks Ltd administration may change the attraction accessibility at any time without previous notice. The admission price discounts in such cases are not applicable.

Open every days!

Līvu Akvaparks - enjoy the season!



The Magic Three

Open in summer!

Different colours, speeds and tastes, take friend and let’s go! Who will be the first? 

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