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on Mondays and Tuesdays Līvu Akvaparks is closed

Mat racer

Open in summer!

It is the only slide in the Līvu Akvaparks, which allows you to move your head forward 

On two slides can move two persons on the carpet. Its start is at a height of almost 15 m, and its length reaches 100 m.

If speed does not frighten you and looks for extreme feelings, then this unique attraction is for you!


  • Use of the slide is allowed for persons from the age of 12 years
  • Use of the slide is allowed for a person whose height is 1.40m and the weight does not exceed 120kg
  • Before using the slide, read the terms of use HERE!

 Līvu Akvaparks - enjoy the season!

The Magic Three

Open in summer!

Different colours, speeds and tastes, take friend and let’s go! Who will be the first? 

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