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On Mondays and Tuesdays Līvu Akvaparks is closed!

Fountain island

Open in summer!     

A place for relaxation for the smallest visitors - full of sunshine and rainbows  

A magical island with more than 10 different fountains, where time flies and children are happy. We invite adults and children to run through the rain area or play a water battle with giant water cannons.

Return to the carefree childhood!

Fountain park includes a slide and water park globe for lovers of more active entertainment. After all the fun, you can lounge on comfy sun-beds. Fountain island is open from June until August. Do not leave children unattended!

Wave pool

A foamy sea with a sloping bottom up to 1.5m deep right at your feet and a beach with comfy lounge chairs 

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Orinoko river

Let the water stream take you away on a float or not and have a leisurely journey around the Captain Kid land

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