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On Mondays and Tuesdays Līvu Akvaparks is closed!

The first steps in the water park

Child’s thermo-regulation and immunity is developed around 2 years of age     

What should be taken into account, when relaxing together with children?

Children bring us great joy and relaxing with them and being together is what makes and strengthens families. However, us, the adults, need to take care of the little ones to make sure they are safe in any situation.


Recommendations for visiting Līvu Akvaparks with children:

1. We recommend to use special swimming diapers for children up to 3 years of age, as toddlers often forget to ask to be taken to the restroom, while in water.

2. When visiting the water park with a toddler, the following recommendations should be considered:

2.1. As the skin of small children is very tender and sensitive it requires special care. The floor area in the territory of Līvu Akvaparks is always wet, and therefore treated with anti-skid material, which is quite abrasive; therefore we recommend using slippers or similar appropriate footwear with anti-slipping sole, as they will protect the tiny feet from chafing. The shoes must be comfortable, easy to wear and, if possible, with closed back, which would prevent them from slipping off, and, of course, with non-slip sole. A great alternative is special rubber socks, which can be kept on feet, while being in the water.

2.2. A baby can be in the territory of the water park, while seated in a carrier or pram. If you choose to enter the territory of the park with a pram, in order to ensure the hygiene requirements of the park, the pram wheels must be clean and covered with disposable plastic bags.

2.3. As there is a special temperature mode maintained in the park - water temperature 28° - 29°C and air temperature  +30° - 31°C - please, make sure that the child does not overheat. We recommend cotton or other breathable material clothing. Do not place the carrier seat or pram under direct sunlight or near ventilation.

2.4. It is allowed to bring childcare items in the park, but for security reasons our personnel is allowed to check the bags and the contents of the pram. There is a changing table in the locker room, where you will be able to clean and wash the baby, if required, so you can keep everything you need in an electronically locked locker.

Toddlers explore the world by crawling or running, so they often fall, tumble and may get injured. Running is prohibited in the territory of Līvu Akvaparks, which is indicated by the many signs in the park territory.

The Līvu Akvaparks’ pools are 20 to 350cm deep, therefore we recommend fitting children who are not able to swim with

floating vests or cuffs; however, we remind that these are not professional safety devices, but toys. Therefore, children must be under parental supervision at all time.

We recommend parents and teachers to repeatedly discuss water safety issues with the children. Līvu Akvaparks also has special rules for visitors, which are available at the website. When visiting the park in groups, before entering the park it is possible to sign up for an receive briefing by security personnel regarding behaviour in Līvu Akvaparks.

The water in Līvu Akvaparks is drinkable, the cleanliness of water is ensured by multi-stage water filtering and treatment with ultraviolet light.

Young parents often bring children with them on their adventures.  Every 15th visitor of Līvu Akvaparks ir under 5 years of age.  Very often this visit is the first introduction to “big” water. In these cases, the parent must stay close to their children. We encourage all parents to provide their children with inflatable life vests, cuffs or floaters. Children up to 3 years of age are only allowed to visit the park while wearing waterproof diapers.

For a child to feel comfortable, pick him or her up and gradually introduce to water. Choose a place in the pool where the toddler can get up - this will encourage sense of safety. There are several pools in the Līvu Akvaparks, which are great for children: Children's ship and Wave pool have sloping bottoms.  Mama's pool is 60 cm deep and the Hummingbird pool is 90 cm deep.  Choose the most suitable option for your child. Perhaps you've noticed that your kids are very excited about playing with water. They love pouring water from one container to another or watch water flowing from tap. Use these elements in the pool, for the child to get used to water and feel safer. 

When the child is used to water, put your hands under his or her chest and stomach and slowly slide them over the water surface, for the child to feel that water offers motion. If the child feels comfortable in the pool, take him or her by the hands and pull them over the pool. Some children feel so safe in the water, that they allow the only point of support being the mother cupping her hand under their chin. If you feel that a child feels safe, you can let him swim, but at the same time, take care of his safety and make sure he wears inflatable cuffs, vest or floater - you will feel safer too.

If you don’t have inflatable cuffs, vests or waterproof diapers, you may purchase these items at the water park gift shop.

No matter how excited the child is about his or her adventures in Līvu Akvaparks pool, make sure the child isn’t cold. Watch the child rather than rely on your own feeling or time.

In any case, before visiting Līvu Akvaparks, we recommend considering all the above aspects to make your time here especially nice and unforgettable for both the children and the adults.

Never leave the child unattended!

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