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Let's go in the summer! Summer beach is open!

Orange Slide

The height of adrenaline rush and emotions - be ready for another extreme adventure

Let’s go! 135m the long slide will allow reached the speed of 45/h and you will reach the finish line in 10-12 seconds. If you love extreme fun and speed and want to enjoy an extreme adventure, this is the ride for you. Be careful on the Orange Slide, as you may be surprised by unexpected twists and turns, which will make the ride even more exciting.

  • Slide can only be used by one person, whose weight must not exceed 136kg and the person must be at least 1.40m tall. During the ride a person must remain in a lying position from the start to finish. 
  • Rules of slide usage
  • Akvaparks Ltd administration may change the attraction accessibility at any time without previous notice. The admission price discounts in such cases are not applicable.

Līvu Akvaparks - enjoy the season!


Unique Tornado

A dizzying whirlwind on the only slide of its kind in Europe, and the largest third slide in the world

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Yellow Slide

It is also called the wild river, which will carry your downstream at high speed until you land in a 1.15m deep river pool

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Black Slide

Exciting slide downhill in complete darkness! If you are afraid to try alone, grab a friend with you

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Diving pool

Extreme experience and adrenaline rush - an exciting jump into an aquarium pool from the 3rd floor down to the 2nd

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Red Slide

If the speed does not frighten you, and you seek extreme experiences, this is slide for you

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Green Slide

Here three is not too many - this slide is made for fun ride for a trio. Three - it’s for good luck

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Mat racer

Open in summer!

It is the only slide in the Līvu Akvaparks, which allows you to move your head forward 

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The Family Slide

Open in summer!

It is much more fun together - the widest ride 4m for the whole family for a shared adventure 

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Open in summer!

The real challenge for the fearless - extreme - that is the second name for this ride 

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