6th and 7th July aquapark closed

Pool water - drinking water quality

The water in the pools of the aquapark is continuously processed and disinfected. Air quality is ensured by a powerful ventilation system.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Līvu Akvaparks every year.  SIA "Akvaparks" is regularly monitored by the Health Inspectorate. 

Water that comes from an artesian well on-line is cleaned of iron daily , cleaned and disinfected before it gets to water pools and attractions.

You probably know that in Europe, hygiene requirements in public places are strictly regulated and control their compliance even more.

Līvu Akvaparks is no exception!

The water of the aquapark never “sleep”, even at night when there is nobody in the water park.  It circulates, modern German cleaning systems continue to disinfect and to keep the quality of drinking water.

Water quality monitoring  is carried out electronically on-line, 3 times a day using a portable optical laboratory.

The last BIOR water test was carried out - 02.20.2020. Meets the water quality standards!