On Mondays and Tuesdays Līvu Akvaparks is closed

Have a good time and be healthy

We know that each person is unique in appearance, ability and perception

This also applies to the feeling of warmth and cold, human adaptation to the circumstances. Scientists say, that depending on how human adopted to the temperature were in previously, later each of us can feel either hot or cold, or neutral.

What does this have to do with Līvu Akvaparks visitors? If you start your vacation with slides, where the water and air are naturally cooler, and then go to the sauna, you will certainly feel a lot of warmth, but if, on the contrary, cold.

The temperature of water and air in public pools is determined by the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers: water temperature is 25-29˚C, air temperature for 1-3˚C higher than water. In Līvu Akvaparks, these indicators are observed.

Visiting Līvu Akvaparks, everyone chooses his own adventure route and enjoys various water activities at different temperatures (in several degrees).

Choose your own program of rest in the order that corresponds to the individual characteristics of the heat exchange of the body.

Remember, after visiting Līvu Akvaparks dress warmly. Hats were necessary for all ages.

See you at Līvu Akvaparks!