on Mondays and Tuesdays Līvu Akvaparks is closed

Avoid mistakes!

Never buy Līvu Akvaparks tickets and gift cards from others or on third-party websites

Pay attention!

  • Tickets to Līvu Akvaparks are sold at Līvu Akvaparks entrance and on the website in the BUY section.
  • Līvu Akvaparks gift cards are sold only at the ticket service counters, in the Līvu Akvaparks store Aqua Shop and on the Līvu Akvaparks website, in the BUY section.

Some signs that will allow you to immediately recognize fraud!

  • If someone offers a gift card and/or ticket at a lower price and there is no information about it on the Līvu Akvaparks website www.akvaparks.lv, it is most likely a scam! The prices of gift cards and tickets do not differ at the sale points;
  • If Līvu Akvaparks promotes a discount for prices, information about it will always be found on the Līvu Akvaparks website www.akvaparks.lv;
  • The validity period of gift cards is 4 months from the date of their purchase, and it is always indicated on the gift card;
  • When buying gift cards and/or entrance tickets on the Līvu Akvaparks website, the buyer is immediately sent an e-mail with the purchase confirmation, which includes the gift card or entrance ticket itself, after payment. Gift cards and/or internet tickets purchased on the website www.akvaparks.lv must be printed and submitted to the cashier before the visit.
  • Ticket and gift card prices HERE

By purchasing Līvu Akvaparks entrance tickets or gift cards from unknown people or foreign websites, you risk receiving invalid gift cards and/or tickets, or even not getting them at all and spoiling the planned vacation for yourself and your loved ones.

Give yourself only pleasant surprises and come relax at Līvu Akvaparks!
Līvu Akvaparks – enjoy the season!