Let's go in the summer! Summer beach is open!

A great place for the little ones!

The joys of swimming for those who have not yet reached 120cm height

Even if the little one is not 120 cm tall, he can use many slides and attractions - 3 slides in the Pirate Ship, a slide in the Mamma-Papa pool, the Orinoco river, swimming with boats in the rock cave and under the open sky or rolling in the waves in the shallows of the Wave pool.

The outdoor beach with the island of fountains is kid-friendly, and if the height has reached 110 cm, then also the charming attraction Viltīgas kupols.

Have fun, splash around together and then come for delicious pancakes and ice cream cocktails at the new family cafe Limpo...you can also hang out on the 3rd floor on the Peaceful Terrace with a view of the big waterfall.

Come and enjoy it!

Līvu Akvaparks – enjoy the season!