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Mineral water jacuzzi

Warm and pleasant water experience, you will be surrounded by a caress of tiny bubbles.

Soak in the jacuzzi, renew your strength and sooth your body with a pleasant tingle of bubbles. Choose one of 4 jacuzzi baths and relax from the hurried everyday life.

Look carefully, as we have different types of jacuzzis - two are filled with pool water and two with mineral water. Try them all and see which one is the best for you. For special moments bathe in a special bath of mineral water - your skin will be thanking you!

Fitness lagoon

Special aquatic fitness equipment – in the SPA Complex, where the enchantment lies in simultaneous playing sports and enjoying underwater massage

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Steam bath
(till 50°C)

The best choice to improve and strengthen your health - the highest temperature in the steam bath usually is 50 degrees Celsius.

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( 70°C-100°C)

A visit to the sauna will warm you to the very core and after a pleasant lounging on the bunk, you will feel reborn.

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Foot massage- VIA SENSUS

Pamper your feet - there are millions of  nerve endings in your feet and walking over a rough surface will have a beneficial effect

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