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Ice Bowl

Snow leopard is waiting for you to refresh you after sauna procedures that have left your body slightly tired

We recommend rubbing yourself with ice - you will immediately feel the improved blood circulation, an immense rush of power and elimination of toxins. Repeat this procedure as often you want, there will be enough ice for all. Such invigorating experience is necessary both to anyone whose body is starting to age quickly due to sedentary lifestyle or other reasons and to those who have good health. These “extreme” circumstances prompt the body to produce a large dose of energy. After the procedure you will feel cheerfulness, good humour and plenty of energy. The experience is unforgettable.

Fitness lagoon

Special aquatic fitness equipment – in the SPA Complex, where the enchantment lies in simultaneous playing sports and enjoying underwater massage

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Steam bath
(till 50°C)

The best choice to improve and strengthen your health - the highest temperature in the steam bath usually is 50 degrees Celsius.

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( 70°C-100°C)

A visit to the sauna will warm you to the very core and after a pleasant lounging on the bunk, you will feel reborn.

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Foot massage- VIA SENSUS

Pamper your feet - there are millions of  nerve endings in your feet and walking over a rough surface will have a beneficial effect

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