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Special showers

The choice is yours - select one or try all three refreshing showers and feel reborn

We are so different and our wishes are different too, therefore Līvu Akvaparks provides three different types of special showers, so that everyone can find their favourite.

• Aerosol - cool, but very pleasant rainfall, which sprays the hot body and creates a pleasant sensation. Suitable for those who doesn’t want to surprise themselves with a powerful water jet.

• Adventure shower - you can expect plenty of surprises here, which will allow you to feel light and pleasant rainfall and tropical downpour. Tropical aromas will fill the air (aromatherapy) and each time, with the changing of the water, so will the light (chromotherapy).

• Charcot shower – whole-body massage with high pressure water jets that are guided over the body. Remember that the water is cool and will revive the body after the sauna.

Ice Bowl

Snow leopard is waiting for you to refresh you after sauna procedures that have left your body slightly tired

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