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Fitness lagoon

Special aquatic fitness equipment – in the SPA Complex, where the enchantment lies in simultaneous playing sports and enjoying underwater massage

     The amusement range has become even wider! Visit us and try any of new aquatic fitness equipments. Such workout is suitable for everyone, regardless of physical fitness. Physical activities in water involving fitness equipment fit to improve the body and maintain yourself physically fit, also this is a fantastic way to cheer-up the body and well-being.

     It is well known that movements in water have a beneficial effect on the human body, this is one of the safest and most effective ways of workout. Thanks to water resistance if you are exercising on any fitness devices, the blood circulation accelerates and the excess calories are burned much faster than in traditional exercise workout. 

     As evidenced by studies, in physical activities in water the body spends energy 50% more than on the ground and simultaneously with the exercise load the body is being also massaged. It is important that during such water workouts the body becomes stronger and the general wellbeing and immunity improve.

     Water exercises on fitness equipment reduce the stress load and improve the quality of sleep. Furthermore, the muscle relaxation and flexibility improve as well. Workout on aquatic fitness equipment does not entail muscle pains. Thanks to water resistance, movements are calmer and smoother, therefore there are no ruptures of the muscles fibre, which usually cause muscle pains after a workout.

     The fitness lagoon is located in a diverse SPA Complex in Līvu Akvaparks. Do not miss it, try this exclusive opportunity – experience new sensations and improve the wellbeing.

See you in Līvu Akvaparks!

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