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On Mondays and Tuesdays Līvu Akvaparks is closed

SPA etiquette

Read and follow! For the visit to the SPA complex to be enjoyable not just by you, but also other guests, follow these simple rules of politeness and hygiene:  



1.             The visitors of SPA complex must comply with all Līvu Akvaparks visitor’s terms and conditions.

2.             Enjoy Līvu Akvaparkā in swimsuit or swimming shorts. If you have forgotten something at home, everything necessary for a wonderful time is available for sale at the gift shop.

3.             Before visiting the SPA complex, we recommend removing all jewellery.

4.             Visitors with heart/vascular diseases, pregnant women and other visitors with health issues are recommended to consult a doctor and follow all precautions.

5.             Children up to 14 years are prohibited in the SPA complex without an adult supervision.

6.             Use towel to cover the bunk, when using sauna.

7.             Do not pour any liquids or put ice on the stones in the sauna.

8.             Do not enter the sauna with food and drink.

9.             In the SPA complex it is prohibited to run, dive and jump in the pools from the edges.

10.          After a visit to the sauna, showering is mandatory.

11.          For the visit to SPA complex to be enjoyable not only to you, but also others, please respect common courtesy and hygiene.


SPA program

SPA zone offers – health-improving courses. Choose the best for your body     

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Steam bath
(till 50°C)

The best choice to improve and strengthen your health - the highest temperature in the steam bath usually is 50 degrees Celsius.

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( 70°C-100°C)

A visit to the sauna will warm you to the very core and after a pleasant lounging on the bunk, you will feel reborn

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